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    Sport Fishing Sturgeon

Steelhead Fishing

Columbia River SteelheadWinter Steelhead

The Columbia is a wild river and offers spectacular guided fishing trip for winter Steelhead. The weather here at the John Day arm is 90% rain free with cool bright sunny days, perfect for targeting the trophy winter run. Very scenic and in this section of the river you often see Big Horn sheep and Bobcats from the boat.  Also experience the state water fowl sanctuary. Both Todd and Julie are famous Oregon fishing guides and known for their knowledge of this great Steelhead fishery.  Columbia River Steelhead

Columbia River Steelhead Fishing

Come enjoy a great day on the water in a very comfortable 24’ North River Boat with tons of room. The winter Steelhead once hooked your line starts singing through the water and the acrobatics display will put a smile on your face. The Steelhead meat is a favorite to many with the firm redness and delicious flavor.  Great in the oven, or on the barbeque.  Weather a beginner and an old pro your will have the time of your life chancing these large winter run Steelhead.  This is Oregon’s and Washington’s trophy run of this great species.


Summer Steelhead



       On the Columbia river near the John Day arm is one of our favorite areas to target Steelhead. The Columbia has two Steelhead runs per year and the first run of these great fighting fish are an average of 6 to 12 bls. This is what is called the  “A” run. The second run or “B” run are larger Steelhead with an average of 13 to 25 lbs. Last year the Columbia river had the largest run of Steelhead in history and is expected to even get better. Steelhead fishing Oregon