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Salmon Fishing

Spring Chinook

Willamette river spring Chinook fishing

Spring Chinook

Available from March through May are the Spring run of Chinook Salmon. The main areas we target these big brutes are in the Columbia river, Willamette river and the Clackamas river. Large Spring Salmon spend three to four years in the ocean before returning to area rivers and tributaries. A spring Salmon can weigh as much as 40 lbs. and average 15 – 20 lbs. They are always a bright chrome color and are regarded as some of the best tasting Salmon on the planet. When you experience one of these spring run Columbia river Salmon on the end of your line, you will be hooked for life. They are very stubborn fighters with great speed and quick burst. We have 25 years  experience, chancing  these big spring Chinook to help you land the BIG ONE!

June Hogs

Julie Brenton

June Hog from the Columbia river

Available in June and July, are some of the largest Chinook Salmon caught all year on the Columbia river. The hogs weigh in at 20 – 60 lbs. with a two fish per day bag limit. With their strong blistering runs these chrome giants will take your breath away. Nicknamed the “June Hogs” the fight they put up will not be soon forgotten. Just like the spring run of Salmon, they are very good eating, with firm pink meat. Come enjoy a great day on the Columbia river at the best time of year for the weather and the fishing. The Columbia gorge with its towering peaks, jagged rock formations and beautiful waterfalls is a great place to enjoy the great Northwest. With 25 years experience fishing the “June Hogs” your chances of landing that big one are very good. Join us for a great day on the Columbia river for summer run King Salmon.


Fall Chinook

Fall Time Chinook Salmon

Available July through December, fall Chinook the largest species of Salmon also known as King Salmon. With their bright silver sides, blue and green spotted upper half and gray mouths these monsters are always great on the table. Excellent on the barbeque or in the smoker they are Northwest fishermen’s favorite eating Salmon. After spending three or four years in the ocean they return at a rate of the million fish most years up the Columbia river. Chinook Salmon build up early in July at the mouth of the Columbia and then start moving in to return to their home river to spawn. In August we will target them from Astoria all the way to Bonneville Dam. Average fall run King Salmon will run from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. and the weather is normally perfect. These fishing dates book up very quickly so book early. Fall Chinook #1


Columbia river Coho Salmon are also running at this time of year and some say the even taste better. Coho Salmon or also known as Silver Salmon range in size of 8 lbs. to 25 lbs. and start their run in the middle of August. With big limits of Salmon being caught this time of year Todd and Julie Brenton enjoy watching people catch Fall Salmon and the Silver Salmon. Both Todd and Julie have master coast guard offshore captains licenses and trained in CPR and First Aid. With their 24’ North River Boats powered by Yamahas you will have a comfortable, safe trip with the experts that think of the clients safety before anything else. Bring a large ice chest for these Fall Chinook because you are going to need it. Again these fishing dates book up quickly so book early.

Columbia River Salmon   We are also booking late season fall Chinook fishing for Tillamook Bay and Nehalem Bay for some of the largest King Salmon caught. Known for some of the largest Kings we often fish Tillamook Bay and Nehalem Bay starting sometime in October.  Then we move inland as the Salmon make their migration up river. With five different rivers feeding Tillamook bay this is one of the best opportunities for large King Salmon.


For that chance at that a 50 lbs. King Salmon Tillamook bay is the ticket.


King Salmon Kids

Full Box Of Chinook Salmon









Fall Big Hog


Tillamook Salmon Fishing

Tillamook Salmon Fishing

Todd And Julie Brenton